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Trials sections are meant to test the drivers' skills. A course section is laid out by pairs of canes, gates, which are numbered downwards in value, usually 12 to 0.  Only one vehicle is allowed on the section at a time and try to complete the courses by passing through the gates sequentially. If a car touches a cane, or ceases forward motion penalty points will be given to the value on the last gate cleanly driven through. The aim is to get as many "clear" sections as possible as the driver with the least amount of penalty points at the end of the day wins.

Although these events are held as competitions we aim for everyone to enjoy their day.

 There are various classes of competition suited to all types of 4x4 and drivers:


TYRO for starters and younger members

Fun and adventure for all the family (drivers over 14 years supervised in safety) over gentle slopes


RTV drive there, compete, drive home

Typically Road Taxed Vehicles try to exercise their suspension on more challenging terrain


CCV for the less sane

Cross Country Vehicles with full roll cages and fearless drivers


Special events and shows

Attendances at major shows and winch / punch / challenge eventsLearn more...

  Please note that ALL DRIVERS and PASSENGERS now need to hold a MotorSport UK RS Clubman Licence.

These can be obtained for free from and takes about two minutes to apply for.

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