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Update as of 18th June 2020

Sunday 2nd August 2020 RTV and CCV trials, hosted by Anglian Rover Owners Club.

Motor Sport is getting back up and running albeit in a modified format. Most of these modifications have been well advertised but in a nutshell please read all the attached documents before deciding to enter, as there are many new regulations we must follow, all entries must be made prior to the event - no "on the day" entries can be accepted.
Forms need to be completed for both entrants, passengers spectators and officials before the event. No other persons are to attend the event.

Entry Checklist:
1) Read MS UK "Back on Track", go to Motorsport UK website.
2) Read "Whaddon Covid 19 AROC Event requirements" pdf
3) Download and complete "2020-06-30-signing-on-declaration-rs-clubman"  before 29th July. (Include email and phone details. Both officials and entrants see note below for help *)
4) Email: with the completed file attached.
5) Make payment via bank transfer before 29th July. 

Any questions, please email:

All updates as guidelines change, will be made via email, facebook and on our website.

* The "Whaddon 2020-06-30-signing-on-declaration-rs-clubman" needs to be completed on page three, this can be done by clicking onto the appropriate space and typing as needed, then choose "save as" from your PDF viewer programme menu and saving the file as yournameEntry2720.pdf, now find it and email it as an attachment to Sue
Officials will be sent additional information nearer the date

Diary of Events

2nd August 2020Barnhill Farm, Whaddon.CCV/RTVMap MK17 0NQ
27th September 2020Weston Underwood, Bucks.CCV/RTVMap MK46 5JP
18th October 2020Roundhill Wood, Wigginton.CCV/RTV/TYROMap HP
29th November 2020TBACCV/RTV
27th December 2020Barnhill Farm, Whaddon.CCV/RTV/TYROMap MK17 0NQ

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